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Striking a balance between work and studies

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Carla Sawyers embraced Athabasca University’s flexibility to earn Bachelor of Arts

Choosing to study at Athabasca University was simple for 2 reasons: flexibility and personal achievement.

Prior to AU, I had a college professor that hounded me every week I attended her lectures. She often told me: “You are a bright student. I hope you plan on continuing your education after this, because you belong in university.” Her consistent encouragement fell on deaf ears, because at the time I just wanted to satisfy the requirements of my diploma and graduate.

Fast-forward to when I entered the corporate world. My former professor’s encouragement rang louder internally as I started contemplating next steps with my career and furthering my education. I wondered how would I balance both? Lucky for me, through the support of my employer and family, I took the plunge and enrolled in AU’s Bachelor of Arts program.

“AU helped me achieve something I thought I would never attain, much less go after.”

– Carla Sawyers (Bachelor of Arts ’17)

Balancing work, life, and studies

Between travelling for work and leisure, moving a few times, the demands of work and having a social life, it was a challenge at times to find time to study. However, I committed to a schedule and sacrificed a little bit of socializing so that I could manage everything and not burn out. Once I committed to my educational pursuits, I understood that structure and discipline were going to be the keys to my success.

I buckled down and also decided to take advantage of the flexibility that AU offered as far as pacing my registration and course loads. I started off with one course and found it easy to manage, understand, and complete with proper time management and part-time study. After that one course, I decide I could take on 3 courses a year.

Work and family support

My employer also helped by being flexible about when I could begin and end my workday for the nights I committed to late-night study. My friends were super understanding for those weekends I could not make it to events, while my family made sure I was fed and had a warm, yet comfortable study spot to dive right into the course material.

My last year of study was the most challenging. I decided I wanted to finish my program earlier so I doubled my course load. I was purposely socially distant from friends and family and completely took advantage of my flexible work hours as I committed to more study time. As intense and rigorous as that plan was, I managed to complete my degree—just in time for convocation!

I did it! I set out to further my education, and did so while striking a balance between career and AU. When I earned my degree, it was a personal and professional victory. In the future, I’d like to transition into a new industry and further my education through post-graduate studies.

AU helped me achieve something I thought I would never attain, much less go after.

Carla Sawyers earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from Athabasca University in 2017. She lives in Mississauga, Ont.

  • November 17, 2022
Guest Blog from:
Carla Sawyers (Bachelor of Arts ’17)