The Hub AU making Math 215 exams more accessible

AU making Math 215 exams more accessible

Online exams just got more accessible for Mathematics 215, one of the most popular courses at Athabasca University (AU).

Learners registering for Revision 10 of the introductory statistics course, which opened May 4, will use the Möbius platform for assessments rather than MapleTA, which was used in previous versions.

The change means specifically that learners will be able to navigate directly to their assessments in Moodle, the current course-management platform, rather than having to navigate into the MapleTA platform, which will make things simpler for both the learner and their virtual exam invigilators.

“We are pleased to provide a seamless learner experience for math assessment in an innovative and accessible platform. The Möbius platform offers integrated access to high-quality math exams and our hope is to expand this technology to serve more students,” said Faculty of Science and Technology Dean Dr. Shauna Zenteno.

The change also means learners will be able to access their exam using their current login and password, rather than creating a new one as was required in the previous revision of the course.

An additional benefit is that Möbius is hosted in the cloud, rather than on a local server, which will address some of the issues learners have reported with respect to being disconnected or losing access to their exam.

Following the change to virtual invigilation in 2020, when most in-person invigilators closed as a result of the COVID-19 global pandemic, assessments were moved to the MapleTA system to facilitate online invigilation.

Learners enrolled in the Revision 9 version of the course will continue to use MapleTA for assessments.

For more information visit the Math 215 course page. Information about enrolment and registration can be found at the Office of the Registrar. Current learners needing support with any aspect of their Math 215 course can contact

  • June 14, 2021