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Learn physics the easy way!

Physics for Scientists and Engineers II (PHYS 205) is a newly designed course that the Faculty of Science and Technology has been offering over the last couple of years.

The course focuses on the topics of electricity and magnetism, which are at the heart of the technological revolution that we experience today. From the large hydro-generators to the tiny microprocessors, foundational physics is based on the interactions between positive and negative charges at rest and in motion. The most important carrier of the negative charge is the electron. A stream of electrons, flowing in a conducting wire, produce an electric current. Electrons bouncing in an antenna, generate electromagnetic waves which travel at the speed of light.

Learning about charges, electromagnetic forces and fundamental circuits is what PHYS 205 is about. If you plan to enter the world of science, engineering, medicine, or any technology related program, this course is for you. It is expected that you already have a background in Newtonian mechanics and basic calculus. The course is designed and prepared for online learning. A carefully written Study Guide complements the textbook and navigates you through the different course activities.

In addition to the theoretical side, you will perform quality hands-on experiments at the convenience of your home. The lab kit, supplied by the Science Lab, includes advanced equipment for the collection and processing of experimental data.

You can advance in the course at your own pace. You decide for yourself when to submit an assignment and when to write an exam. You may challenge yourself to complete the course in few weeks and you may decide to pace it over the six-month contracted period.

  • January 9, 2019
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