The Hub RBC joins AU protecting Athabasca river basin

RBC joins AU protecting Athabasca river basin

The Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), through its RBC Blue Water Project, has donated $250,000 to support the work of AU’s Athabasca River Basin Research Institute (ARBRI).

At 1,538 km, the Athabasca is Alberta’s longest undammed river and its massive basin encompasses the world’s largest oil sands deposits. ARBRI was established in 2008 to foster awareness of the river basin’s role and to facilitate sound decision making regarding its development and protection.

“We need to dispel the myth that there is limitless water in Canada and start paying attention to our water consumption,” says Bruce MacKenzie, regional president of RBC. “We are proud to be part of an initiative that gives organizations around the world a chance to make a difference, whether it’s through education on water issues, watershed protection and clean-up or access to clean drinking water.”

ARBRI promotes a collaborative and integrated approach to water research, coupled with active community engagement to best ensure the future success of Alberta’s North.

“Maintaining a clean, healthy river basin in times of economic development means balancing interests associated with water quality, water quantity and the politics affecting distribution and wise use,” says ARBRI director Dr. Dietmar Kennepohl.

The RBC Blue Water Project is a 10-year, $50 million program to help foster a culture of water stewardship.

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  • March 28, 2011