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Together against racism

By: Dr. Neil Fassina, President, Athabasca University

As we see people across the U.S. and in Canada take to the streets in protest, Athabasca University stands with those opposing racism and injustice in all its forms, everywhere. Silence is compliance, therefore we must all speak out.

As an educational institution, Athabasca University is committed to continuously learning and seeking truth, even when it makes us uncomfortable. Through education, we have the opportunity to confront and explore that which we don’t understand. In the process, we learn about ourselves, and more importantly, about each other.

Education plays a vital role in raising awareness about racism, and we will work to confront and reject all manifestations of discrimination. Education raises people up and brings us together. We embrace and celebrate the diversity of our community, our learners, and our team.

Neil Fassina, PhD CPHR ICD.D
President, Athabasca University

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  • June 2, 2020
Guest Blog from:
Dr. Neil Fassina, President, Athabasca University