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5 ways the library can help learners

How the Athabasca University Library can help you succeed in learning

As an Athabasca University (AU) learner, you have access to library assistance and materials that can advance your research and help execute your greatest work.

1. You can access print and e-books, databases, and millions of articles

The AU Library houses a large collection of print books available to be physically mailed and, e-books that can be accessed online. In addition, the library subscribes to over 250 databases with access to millions of articles.

The AU Library also has borrowing privileges to assist learners in gaining access to materials that are not accessible from the library, including The Alberta Library (TAL), and Council of Prairie and Pacific University Libraries (COPPUL). You can learn more about using other Canadian libraries and Interlibrary Loans through the AU Library.

2. Get research assistance when you need it

Library staff are available to help learners with everything from accessing an article, placing a hold, or developing a search strategy. Whether you’re stuck on the assignment with no idea how to start researching or not finding suitable results, AU Reference Librarians can help you decide on appropriate databases to search in, develop a search string using keywords and Boolean Operators, and evaluate articles. Library staff can be accessed using live chat services, phone, email or, can set up a video call.

3. Take advantage of webinars and workshops

Live webinars and workshops are hosted monthly on a variety of topics including orientations, subject-specific searching, and citation management. Recordings and upcoming webinars are saved on the AU library website. Tutorials to help walk you through every phase of the research process can be also be discovered on the AU Library website.

4. Get help with course materials

The articles, videos, and kits—required and supplementary—for AU courses, are frequently provided through the AU Library.

5. Citation assistance is at your fingertips

Citation style manuals as well as a list of resources to aid in deciphering citation styles can be found on the AU Library website.

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