The Hub Accessibility Services: New name, same great team

Accessibility Services: New name, same great team

AU wants to partner with learners, so that they can reach their highest potential. We understand the power of education to transform a person’s life and in turn, their community. It is important to us that we can adapt our programs, courses, and services to fit the diverse needs and goals of our learners with disabilities. 

One of the key teams at AU that works in partnership with learners who have disabilities is the team with Access for Students with Disabilities (ASD). Moving forward, this team will be called Accessibility Services. This new name reflects what we do and facilitates equitable access to education for learners with disabilities. Accessibility Services advocates for accessibility and provides reasonable, individualized accommodations.

The team itself is not changing. Accessibility Services continues to provide learners with services in the timely manner they have been accustomed to, in accordance with AU Service Standards.

Enrolled or prospective learners with educational challenges resulting from disabilities or medical conditions, professionally diagnosed, can contact Accessibility Services. If you want to learn more about eligibility or the support Accessibility Services provides, their website has a wealth of information. You can also find more information on accessibility resources in this article for The Hub. 

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  • August 31, 2020