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Can you cheat in an online exam?

Feeling so stressed about your upcoming online exam that you’re considering cheating?

At Athabasca University we have advisors and tutors available to you so you can ace your exams without sacrificing your academic integrity.

The risks and consequences of cheating far outweigh the rewards — we take this academic offense very seriously. As per our Student Academic Misconduct Policy, cheaters can expect penalties ranging from assignment of a failing grade in a course to complete expulsion and revocation of a previously awarded credential, not to mention the damage to your reputation and potential future prospects.

An unfortunate example: In 2015, an AU master’s student was caught with their notes during a final online exam. Not only was this student expelled from AU, they also had their previous Bachelor of Arts degree discredited.

So ...

So, can you cheat in an online exam? Students are monitored by professionals via webcam whilst taking their exams. This allows for identity verification, and the proctors/invigilators are trained to recognize such signs of cheating as darting eyes outside of the camera’s view.

Academic dishonesty is an issue at all institutions, but students who are committed to bettering themselves and their careers know that cheating does not help with long term goals. In this Magna article, a teacher details how cheating puts your personal integrity at risk, robs you of valuable skill sets, establishes unhealthy habits, and ultimately inhibits you from experiencing genuine individual growth. At AU, we want to equip you with the learning tools to make you feel confident enough so that you don’t feel the need to cheat.

“The risks and consequences of cheating far outweigh the rewards — we take this academic offense very seriously”

AU is dedicated to providing you with opportunities to pursue your personal interests and professional needs without having to sacrifice your family, career, or community commitments. Online learning can benefit you; set your own study hours and work at the time and place that best suits your lifestyle. You are in control of your education!

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  • May 15, 2018