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When the pandemic hit, with all the restrictions and stay-at-home orders, I decided to look for universities to complete one of my academic goals—earn a bachelor’s degree.

I first looked in Ontario, since I live here, but I did not find a fully online program that would accept transfer credits from my completed college diploma. Then I found Athabasca University, and saw the different online bachelor degree programs. I liked the Bachelor of General Studies program, and I’m now enrolled with a designation in Applied Studies, which includes courses on business administration.

Before I enrolled at AU, I spoke with an admissions officer and people in the program’s department to and confirmed that this program and AU were the right choice for me, based on my work experience. I can complete my degree fully online, which will allow me better job opportunities while still working and doing other things with my life, including being a full-time athlete.

I love the program! I would not be able to sit in a classroom every day without an income. At AU, I can study at my own pace and I love that! And my course tutors are great. If I want to speak with them on the phone for any question or discussion I can, and they reply to the emails in a timely fashion. I am taking two courses per semester, which is the right amount for me to be able to focus on my studies while still working and competing.

I represent Canada in national and international events in bodybuilding—flying all around, all the time.  I am the two-time Canadian champion in bodybuilding. Due to that busy schedule I kind of left behind my academic goals, but the pandemic forced me to slow down. Being stuck at home made me restart a goal that I always wanted to achieve: to get my bachelor’s degree. I am hoping to continue representing Canada again next year while still being enrolled as a part-time student.

AU has changed my life for better! I recommend AU to anyone who wants to pursue their academic goal while still working full-time, or raising a family. Thanks, AU, for offering options for people like me who had an Ontario college diploma but always wanted to complete their degree.

Dany is pursuing  her academic goal—completing her Bachelor of General Studies program with AU, when she is not working or studying, she is at the gym. She is so grateful she found a university that works with her busy schedule while being an athlete.

  • May 28, 2021
Guest Blog from:
Dany Bianca