The Hub Quick guide: Information and resources for AU learners

Whether you’ve been a learner with AU for a while or are just starting your educational journey, you might not be aware of all the learner support services available to you!

This certainly isn’t an exhaustive list of all the support that AU offers but it is a good starting point when you’re looking for resources or information. Keep reading for some of the most searched information topics!

Counselling Services

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Counselling Services has a page with a list of the common questions for accessing help at AU. From attending an undergraduate orientation to a student financial aid self-help page, there is information available for all AU learners.

Counselling Services at AU

Accessibility Services

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Did you know AU has a team dedicated to supporting and fostering an inclusive and equitable environment? The team in Accessibility Services works to ensure the university, its courses, and programs are accessible for learners with disabilities.

Accessibility Services

IT help information

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A quick stop to see if there are any IT outages, insight on how to navigate Office 365, and a Moodle tutorial, the IT Help Desk has this great page for solutions to bugs and fixes. There is even a login problem help page!

IT Help Desk at AU

Mental health and wellness support

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Even though AU is fully online, it doesn’t mean you are alone. Mental health and wellness resources are available and accessible to all AU learners. Whether you’re looking for help with learning to learn online or want to connect with other learners, there are a number of resources available.

Mental Health and Wellness at AU

Exam questions

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Booking an exam (especially your first one!) can be daunting but we are here to help. We recommend you book with ProctorU, but we also recognize not everyone can use their services. You can also book your online exam with some in-person invigilators but with the changing public health restrictions, AU encourages learners to use ProctorU whenever possible.

Four tips for booking your AU exam with ProctorU

Student awards and bursaries

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AU offers a number of student awards and bursaries. Did you know there is even a student award finder to help you figure out which awards you might be eligible for?

Student awards and bursaries

Other support at AU

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If you’re having problems in your course, there is help available. If it is Moodle-related, there is a Moodle Orientation for Students. If you’re new to using e-texts, we have a whole site dedicated to helping you figure out how to use e-texts efficiently and effectively.

There is also an excellent team at the AU Library to help you!

AU Library and Scholarly Resources

Still not finding the help you’re looking for?


Ask AU is an incredibly handy tool that has the most commonly asked questions and answers available all day, every day.

From application questions, to changing your student information, to requesting transcripts, this is the best first place to start when you need help with a question!

Ask AU