The Hub Stress and time management: AU’s Dr. Covey featured on CTV Morning Live, Edmonton

Stress and time management: AU’s Dr. Covey featured on CTV Morning Live, Edmonton

The holiday season brings lots of joy but can also bring lots of stress for others. While the holidays may look different this year, many learners still have their academics to focus on. 

Dr. Connie Covey, Counsellor at Athabasca University (AU) joined CTV Morning Live, Edmonton, to talk about stress and time management. 

With the holidays fast approaching and some learners still enrolled in programs until the end of the year, Covey provided some great suggestions for how learners can manage all their stress.

Because of COVID, the stressors people have right now include being socially isolated and the lack of meaningful connections, including connections with self and others. This can be fatiguing, making it hard to focus on competing priorities. We can’t ignore the importance of meaningful connections, which can boost our overall health and wellbeing,” she said. 

She provided some helpful tips for ensuring learners are managing their stress effectively, especially during tumultuous time.

Without proper self-care and a focus on self-renewal, sustaining energy and motivation in an online learning environment will diminish over time. So, the way you manage your stress and studies during the holidays, or any time of the year, is by managing your time,” she said. 

She emphasized that in addition to planning and self-organization, plus using tools like planners, or setting specific times to study and taking a break, time management really comes down to finding a balance that works for you.

“When it comes time to doing exams or finals, if you are not practicing self-care and maintaining balance, it’s harder to manage your time and your stress. Always remember it’s like you’re in training, you need to pace yourself and prepare yourself to play your best game,” she said. 

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  • December 17, 2020