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Take an exam right from your own home!

Athabasca University Makes Online Learning Even More Accessible and Flexible with ProctorU

Athabasca University removes barriers to students’ success, and our partnership with ProctorU is another way in which we strive to honour that mission.

ProctorU offers an online invigilation (supervisory) service for students writing online exams, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week! All you need is high-speed Internet, a webcam, and a suitable private location (nobody else in the room) to complete your exam.

This accessible, flexible, and affordable service is an alternative to traditional exam invigilation services where a student is required to travel to an invigilation centre. Learn more about ProctorU.

If you’re still unsure what ProctorU is and if it’s right for you, here are the basics of what you need to know:

How do I know if my exam is delivered online?

How do I schedule an exam?

  • Create an account with ProctorU or login with your ProctorU user ID and password.
  • Select “Schedule New Session,” then confirm institution (Athabasca University), term, and exam you want to schedule.
  • Choose the date and time that is convenient for you—any time of the day, any day of the week*.
  • Click “Schedule,” provide necessary information, then click “Submit” to authorize your credit card payment.
  • Once you schedule with ProctorU, you must complete an exam request through the myAU portal using invigilation identification number 3278826.
  • Note: please ensure you are following all AU exam request and completion deadlines.

(*ProctorU has invigilators all over the world, however some holiday dates may not be available to write exams. Only available exam dates/times will appear in the exam scheduling list for you to choose from.)

How does ProctorU monitor my exam?

Once you have logged into your ProctorU account, invigilators use your webcam and screen sharing technology to monitor your activity during the exam. Invigilators are also available to help you with any technical issues or questions you may have.

Is there a pre-exam checklist?

Yes, this test-takers video provides thorough pre-exam information and what to expect on your exam day. Some basics to know for your exam day include:

  • Be in a private, well-lit, quiet room.
  • Clear your workspace.
  • Have your photo I.D. ready (it must be an AU or government issued photo ID for your Proctor to verify that you are the person supposed to be taking the exam. If you need a student ID, AU can help!).
  • Only bring materials authorized for use in your exam, as noted in your learning resources.
  • Ensure you know your MyAU student ID and password, ProctorU does not have access to this information.
  • Ensure that AU has confirmed that your requested exam has been issued.

How do I set up my computer properly for the exam?

Does my exam start time begin once I connect with ProctorU?

The exam time does not start until the exam itself has been opened. There is time spent before that showing your invigilator your ID, verifying your identity, and securing your testing space. This typically takes approximately 10 minutes to complete. None of that time counts toward your exam time.

Is there a cost to use ProctorU?

Yes, like all other external invigilators, ProctorU fees are in addition to any Athabasca University exam fees you may incur. All payments for invigilation fees are made directly to ProctorU and need to be paid by credit card before taking an exam. Please note that ProctorU fees are in US funds.

How early should I be for my exam?

  • You should log in to your ProctorU account ten minutes before your scheduled exam start time.
  • A countdown timer will show on the “My Sessions” page of your ProctorU account.
  • When the timer reaches 0:00, a “Start Session” button will appear for you to push.
  • You cannot try to begin your exam more than 15 minutes past the scheduled start time. You will need to reschedule a new exam and can no longer write the test on your originally scheduled day.

What if I have technical difficulties on my exam day?

  • If you have any difficulty logging in at your scheduled exam time, use the ProctorU “Chat Now” (live chat) option or call 855-772-8678.
  • The Chat Now option is in the bottom right corner of your screen. Fill out the form and a ProctorU support specialist will connect with you right away.
  • ProctorU uses software called LogMeIn Rescue to monitor exams in real-time and help with technical issues during a proctored session.

Can I cancel or reschedule an exam?

Yes. Contact ProctorU at least 24 hours before your scheduled exam time. You will not be eligible for a refund if you fail to show up to your exam without notice.

If you still have a few questions, check out ProctorU’s Test-Taker Resource Center for more information and helpful videos.

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  • September 14, 2018