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The importance of self-care

The pressures of life and school can feel overwhelming at timesEnsuring your mental and overall health is being taken care of is essential now more than ever. Athabasca University (AU) haseveral resources available to learners for a variety of needs. Continue reading to find out more about the services that are available to you as an AU learner.

Homewood Health

A web-based resource, Homewood Health, offers support for learners by connecting them with subject-matter experts in a wide variety of areas. Learners can access self-assessment toolse-courses, and even online cognitive behavioural therapy from their Online Wellness Library to help with mental health.  
Homewood Health also provides coaching options for addressing challenges with childcare and parenting, elder and family care, grief and loss, financial or legal concerns (free legal consultation), relationship challenges, career planning, workplace issues, and a variety of health topics. A list of all available services can be found here. 
Dedicated to ensuring your privacy is protected, Homewood Health does not share any personal information with the university. It is strictly confidential. 
To sign-up, all you have to do is enter your information in the required fields and select Athabasca University from the drop-down menu. 

My Viva Plan

As an extension to the services offered through Homewood Health, My Viva Plan is a subscription service that helps learners with mindfulness, nutrition, and fitness. The plan offers the latest resources, guides, and posts, covering everything from recipes to fitness and mindfulness routines on-demand. There are even grocery lists, online personal training, and stress assessments available! 
My Viva Plan is highly customizable and helps every individual stay accountable to their overall wellnessThe program was created and is maintained by healthcare professionalsAccess to My Viva Plan can be activated for a monthly or annual fee.


As a mobile app, TalkCampus offers a safe and anonymous space for learners when they need someone to talk to. The peer-to-peer communication network allows users to share their struggles with one other, acknowledging that talking to friends and family is not always possible.   
TalkCampus takes learner’s privacy very seriously and does not share any information with the university. The app can be accessed 24/7 and is easily downloaded on all mobile devices. 
Find the details on AU’s launch of TalkCampus here.

For more information on the three services…

All three resources provide different tools to help target a learner’s specific needs. To learn more about all three options, visit the Athabasca University Health and Wellness page. 

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