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Time management tips for learners

By: Connie Covey, AU Counselling Services

During this time of transition, it’s important to have a plan in place to ensure you’re staying on top of all your responsibilities.

Creating a schedule and a sense of normalcy in your day-to-day life will help keep you on the right track. According to AU Counselling Services, three key ways to ensure you stay on top of your studies and avoid procrastination are:

  • plan your week out starting on Sunday
  • factor in time for the unexpected
  • eliminate distractions

Wondering how? Check out these downloadable templates to help you stay organized!

Want to map out your entire course of study? Try DegreeWorks

planner example

If you’re looking to plan ahead and visually map out all the courses you will take over several semesters/years, you may want to use DegreeWorks.

DegreeWorks a comprehensive program planning tool that records your academic progress and organizes it into an educational plan viewable on the web. DegreeWorks is available through the myAU portal under the “Manage Your Program” section, or you can access it directly here.

Your DegreeWorks worksheet outlines all of the requirements in your degree program, the transfer credit you have been awarded and the remaining requirements you still need to complete for your degree.

There are several features in DegreeWorks that you may find useful.

1. The Worksheet

The Worksheet provides an overall summary of your program. It will show you what is required for your program, what AU coursework you have completed or is currently in progress, as well as any transfer credit and how this fits into your program. Use the legend provided in order to interpret your worksheet.

If there are courses that do not fit into your program these will be indicated by “Credits Applied” – zero credits. If there are any notes to be aware of in relation to your worksheet, they will appear at the bottom of your worksheet. An academic advisor can help to clarify any of the information you are viewing and what it means.

2. The Look Ahead

The Look Ahead feature is used to see what courses may fit into your program. It allows you to explore different course selection scenarios. These scenarios are not saved and are intended for a quick check of what courses may fit into your program.

3. The Planner

The Planner can be used to have course selections reviewed and approved by an academic advisor to ensure the course(s) apply toward your degree. The plan can be saved and is your record of what you are intending to take in your program. You can use this feature by entering your course(s) applying the “Look Ahead” feature for a specific term. Along the left-hand menu, of your planner worksheet you will see how your proposed courses fit into the program before submitting your plan for approval.

Once approved your program plan in DegreeWorks will be updated. It is recommended that you do not register for courses on your planner until your plan has been approved by student advising.

4. The GPA Calculator

The GPA Calculator is a tool to help you plan a desired GPA or to determine what you need to do to achieve a desired GPA. The GPA used here is based on your program GPA, not your transcript (cumulative) GPA, so the two will differ. The program GPA is used for program graduation requirements, awards, honours list, graduation with distinction and great distinction. Learn more about the GPA Calculator.

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  • March 26, 2020
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Connie Covey, AU Counselling Services