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Five things to ask yourself before taking an online course

Is taking an online course right for you? Ask yourself these 5 questions:

  1. Do I have solid computer skills and regular access to a personal computer, with a high speed internet connection?
  2. Do I have good time management skills? Am I self-motivated and disciplined enough to set a schedule and follow it in order to meet online deadlines?
  3. Am I comfortable in a virtual environment, e.g.; communicating with my peers and professors via online chat rooms, email, and discussion threads?
  4. Am I an independent learner who needs little to no direction and has the patience to deal with obstacles out of my control?
  5. Am I looking for a flexible alternative to in-class learning that allows me to tailor my education around my lifestyle?

If you answered yes to most of these questions, you’re ready to enroll in an online course!


At Athabasca University, our mantra is “Open. Flexible. Everywhere.” and we deliver just that. As a world-class leader in online and distance education, we’re dedicated to providing you with opportunities to pursue your personal interests and professional needs without having to sacrifice your family, career, or community commitments. You are in control of your education!

Top 5 things to ask yourself before taking an online course Athabasca University

Meet Jordan

Take current MBA student, Jordan, for example.

Jordan has always been an independent learner, and was looking for a way to pursue a business master’s degree while still advancing in his career as a Corporate Controller. After brushing up on his computer skills and establishing a schedule for online activities, Jordan enrolled at AU where he was able to control his study hours and work towards his master’s at the time and place that best suited his lifestyle. Turns out that taking online courses at Athabasca University was the perfect option for Jordan!

Still not convinced?

Check out some of AU’s many interesting undergraduate and graduate courses.

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  • July 29, 2018