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Professional Development with PowerED

Changing the industry, one micro-credential at a time


Today’s learners care about making a difference. They learn to push the status-quo, seek to drive their careers forward, strengthen businesses and enrich communities.

More people are seeking quicker ways to gain high quality, online and credible professional development. PowerED™’s award-winning short, in demand and on demand micro-credential courses have been designed for the professional learner.

Our Essential Skills for Leaders Certificate, Leader Development Program, Digital Transformation Leadership Certificate, and Rick Hansen Foundation Accessibility Certification™ Training each offer specialized training in highly sought-after skill sets.

What is a micro-credential?

PowerED’s online micro-credentials are specialized, non-credit courses and certificates delivered in short powerful bursts. Every institution issues micro-credentials differently. With PowerED™ courses, learners receive a digital badge after the completion of each course, and a digital certificate once they complete all course requirements to earn their respective certificate.

What’s different about PowerED™’s micro-credentials?

Courses are enriched with multimedia elements and can be completed in just two weeks – with approximately 8-12 hours dedicated to learning each week. Our bite-sized courses can be taken individually, or packaged together to earn a certificate.

Have we mentioned how visually pleasing and intuitive the user interface is?

Our courses include various curated multi-media assets to keep you engaged the whole way though. Courses are structured with video elements, docu-series, downloadable podcasts and handbooks, gamified elements, learning checks and action plans to immediately apply to your working environment.

Whether you want to fast track a meaningful career, make changes in your organization, acquire custom fit skills, or lift your people and see results, we have a course or certificate that fits your needs.

To learn more about PowerED™’s industry leading courses and certificates, visit the program web page.

  • January 15, 2020