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What are micro-credentials?

With the rapidly shifting learning landscape and the ability to customize learning opportunities, micro-credentials are becoming a new and noteworthy learning opportunity. So what IS a micro-credential?

More and more people are seeking quick ways to gain high quality, online, and credible professional development. And many employers are encouraging their employees to seek out opportunities that can enhance their skills quickly. Enter micro-credentials; a new option and a stepping stone to growth.

What is a micro-credential?

Every institution issues micro-credentials a little bit differently but PowerED™ by Athabasca University’s micro-credentials are essentially an online, specialized, non-credit course or stackable certificate delivered in short powerful bursts. They enable the learner to dig right into the learning for quick impact and immediate workplace application.

Non-credit micro-learning courses are built to provide skill-based learning opportunities for people who want to upgrade their skills in areas like leadership, soft skills, using machine learning for a competitive advantage, and digital transformation.

Micro-credentials have the power to fill a gap in the workplace and help employees transfer their current skills into new opportunities by translating these short micro-learning experiences into tangible work-ready skills.

With PowerED™ courses, learners receive a digital badge after the completion of each course, and a digital certificate once they complete all course requirements to earn their respective certificate.

What’s different about PowerED’s micro-credentials?

Courses are enriched with multimedia elements to keep you engaged the whole way through and can be completed in just two weeks with approximately 8-12 hours dedicated to learning each week. These bite-sized courses can be taken individually, or packaged together to earn badges or a certificate.

Other additional micro-courses, like the free Navigating Extraordinary Times course, can be completed in even less time.

Learn more!

PowerED’s award-winning, short, in-demand and on-demand micro-credential courses have been specifically designed for the busy professional learner.

To learn more about PowerED’s industry-leading courses and certificates, visit the program web page.

  • November 4, 2020