The Hub PowerED™ and the Digital Wellness Institute partner to deliver online digital wellness micro-course
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PowerED™ and the Digital Wellness Institute partner to deliver online digital wellness micro-course

PowerED™ by Athabasca University (AU) and the Digital Wellness Institute (DWI) are proud to announce the launch of a new micro-course, Digital Wellness 101: Optimizing Your Time & Energy. This online and ondemand micro-course launches May 7, 2021, coinciding with Global Digital Wellness Day 

Over the past few years, a new factor has complicated our pursuit of complete physical, mental, and social well-being: our increased dependency on digital technology. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the introduction of remote work practices aimed at limiting its spread, this dependency has only intensified. Digital technology has allowed us to be better connected than ever before, but it also has a way of leaving us simultaneously plugged-in and tuned-out from the world around us.  

Digital Wellness introduces the importance of balance and will provide learners and professional organizations with a roadmap to reclaiming their relationship with technology. 

This short ondemand micro-course features insights from global experts in this field, including the CEO of the Digital Wellness Institute and internationally renowned speaker and leading expert in Digital Wellness Nina Hersher, and Amy Blankson, CEO of Fearless Positivity and Co-Founder of the Digital Wellness Institute 

“With the advent of the hybrid work era, digital wellness is no longer a luxury; it's a business and lifestyle necessity. Individuals urgently need resources and support now. That's why we partnered with PowerED™ by Athabasca University, a global provider in online education, to create a course that gives organizations and individuals a framework for assessing and addressing digital wellness through tangible skills and micro-behavioral change.”

– Amy Blankson, Co-Founder of the Digital Wellness Institute

“PowerED™ is thrilled to collaborate with the Digital Wellness Institute to offer a course that focuses on establishing a healthier relationship with technology. “Not enough people are familiar with the concept of digital wellness and the impact that an ‘always on’ environment can have on our overall health. By partnering with DWI, leaders in the digital wellness industry, we will be able to bring valuable information and tangible tools quickly to those who need it most.”

– Jessica Butts Scott, Director of PowerED™

Based on the DWI’s Digital Wellness Certificate program, this self-paced course will teach learners about the concept of digital wellness, explain the digital flourishing framework, and demonstrate how to assess digital wellness using the Digital Flourishing™ Scale.  

This course can be completed in less than three hours, is self-paced, ancosts $185 CAD. To learn more or to register, visit the Digital Wellness 101: Optimizing Your Time & Energy course webpage. 

About PowerED™ by Athabasca University 

PowerED™ is an award-winning entrepreneurial unit within Athabasca University, that builds on the university’s rich history of online learning, flexibility, and accessibility. PowerED™ embraces innovation and next-level learning and focuses on assisting organizations to develop and deploy their own digital learning strategies. PowerED™ is committed to providing tangible tools and training to inspire breakthroughs—for individuals, employees, and organizations—with immediate impact. Power for Business. Power for People. Power for Good.

About the Digital Wellness Institute 

The Digital Wellness Institute is a learning platform that offers certification programs and courses that equip people with research-based tools and best practices that enable them to take advantage of the benefits of technology while avoiding associated harms, empowering them to flourish in the digital age. With the right mindset and rules of engagement, the risks of technology overuse can be positively transformed, enabling regular technology use to augment rather than threaten people’s mental health and workplace productivity. 

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  • May 4, 2021