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Help is available

A vital reminder: help is available.

We realize some of you may struggle more than usual with loneliness, loss, financial issues, family conflict, substance use, etc., and 2020 added a unique, very challenging layer.

In the event you find yourself struggling, we would like to remind you that help is available, easy to access, and free of charge. Our commitment to delivering a student experience that recognizes the importance of appropriate mental health and wellness is paramount. As such, Athabasca University (AU) has recently launched a resource homepage for mental health and wellness.

On the Mental Health and Wellness site, there are a number of different resources. One of these resources is Homewood Health. AU partners with Homewood Health to provide learners with a Wellness Support Program that includes counselling and coaching services as well as educational information services on a variety of topics relating to mental health and wellness. Your confidentiality is assured the same as with any counselling service. This means, your tutors, instructors, and faculty will not be informed that you’ve access services and your academic standing will not be negatively affected by seeking help.

TalkCampus offers a safe and completely anonymous space for you to connect with other learners. Talk about anything from exam stress, to work-life balance, to mental health, to relationship issues, and everything inbetween without fear of judgement. All conversations and feeds are moderated and any bullying or hate speech will not be tolerated so you are free to be you. Learn more about TalkCampus.

Apart. Not alone.

“We know this situation is stressful for everyone; people living with mental illness and addictions may be finding it especially difficult to cope. If you or someone you know is struggling, the resources on this site are here to support you.”

– Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health is a great resource and they have tips for dealing with COVID-19 and other stressors on their website.

Online resources

Lastly, a variety of online services can be accessed through Homewood Health’s Homeweb Member Services. These include the following:

  • online health and wellness library;
  • health risk assessment;
  • child and eldercare resource locators;
  • e-courses;
  • self-directed cognitive-behavioural therapy modules for mild to moderate depression and anxiety; and
  • multimedia resources (podcasts and videos).

Collection of academic resource supports

There are a number of academic resource supports as well.

New learners and returning learners can check the “Am I Ready?” section for important information to help make sure they’re ready for university-level courses, ready to learn online, or ready to study several courses at the same time.

Experienced learners who are looking to improve study skills, better manage their time, and overcome exam anxiety should take a look at the “Learner Success” category.

All learners can benefit from the “Education & Career Planning” section, which includes helpful information about finding the right path for you.

For more information

Please check our Wellness Support Program to find more information about the services available and, as an active AU learner, how to access them. Culturally competent services are accessible in many languages.

For those of you who find yourselves struggling, please don’t forget that resources are available.

  • January 18, 2021